Ex-Sexbomb dancer Jopay Paguia suffers miscarriage


Former sexbomb dancer Jopay Paguia suffered a miscarriage of her first child with husband Joshua Zamora. Jopay posted the sad news through her Instagram account.

Jopay narrated that she had an incident that made her lost her balance on March 13. After two hours she sufferred bleeding and was taken to a hospital but was sent home after. Jopay went home, slept for four hours and woke up still bleeding so they went back to the hospital.

She underwent an ultrasound procedure on March 14 (12nn) and discovered that they have lost their baby. The child was 10 weeks and five days old.

Here is the post of Jopay in full:


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(Photo source: Instagram – @jopaypaguiazamora)