Former SexBomb Girl Jopay Paguia is pregnant

jopay use

The year 2015 filled the showbiz industry with true love and happiness as a lot of celebrity couples got engaged, got married and most of them are now expecting parents. Joshua Zamora and Jopay Paguia now belongs to the ‘parents to be’ list.

“The long wait is over”, Joshua said in an Instagram post last February 11, 2015 announcing that his wife former SexBomb Girls member Jopay, is pregnant.


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According to Joshua, Jopay was already six weeks into her pregnancy when they confirmed it on Wednesday.

The couple shared a picture of Jopay in a clinic, she became emotional and tears of joy filled her eyes as she saw an image of her baby via ultrasound.

“This is it, Biggest answered prayer so far, Thank you to all the people who prayed for us. Until now i can’t explain my emotions. my heart is jumping and rejoicing. Thank you Lord” Jopay captioned with the picture.

Jopay and Joshua had been a couple for 7 years.



(Photo Source: Jopay Paguia’s Instagram)