Claudine Barretto message to Raymart Santiago and family: “Merry Christmas & have a hell of a New Year!”

Actress Claudine Barretto posted a message which seems to be directed to Raymart Santiago and his family. From the looks of it, Claudine is still not happy with the incident involving her son Santino and how it was handled by Raymart’s family.

Santino was allegedly hurt by one of Raymart’s relative, and this resulted to the hospitalization of Santino.


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On her Facebook account, Claudine posted the following:

“Be prepared to defend yourselves.hope u guys have a Merry Christmas & a New Year in Court.all Santino & i wanted was for your family to say “SORRY” and to assure us that ur family will NEVER RAISE YOUR HAND ON MY SON or Daughter. Dra. Bernadette Manalo-arcena reached out to you not only once but a couple of times coz your Son is hurting,Angry & scared but ng tataas ng PRIDE & ang YAYABANG NYO.i wont be the Mother who protects my kids if i’d let this slide or worst sweep this under the Rug.i suggest u guys PREPARE! Merry Christmas & have a hell of a New Year!”

Claudine posted some more messages on her comment section: