Claudine Barretto slams Raymart Santiago, calls him ‘duwag’


Actress Claudine Barretto was furious with estranged husband Raymart Santiago after he made a statement about the fight between their youngest son Santino and his nephew Raphael Santiago, calling it “Away-bata.”

The actress lashed out on Instagram, calling Raymart “duwag” and sai it wasn’t a fight between kids as there is a huge age gap between Santino and Raphael.


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“Away bata talaga Raymart! 10years oldsi Santino at yung Pamangkin mo 27 YEARS OLD? bata ba yun??? Duwag ka! Minsan lang kahit minsan mag sabi ka naman ng totoo. your kids called u a Liar after this interview. stay away from us!! I mean it pay the freaking Ariers. coz u only have up to Nov.30 sabi ng court. unless gusto mo uli magbayad ng bail sa mga warrant of arrests mo. ibalik mo na mga ninakaw mo then leave us in peace! @raymartsantiago,” Barretto wrote on the caption.