Claudine Barretto reveals it was a relative who hurt Santino


Actress Claudine Barretto revealed in an interview that it was a relative who hurt her son Santino. Santino was brought to a hospital last Monday (November 28, 2016) after sustaining contusions on his right arm.

In an interview with Jobert Sucaldito and Ahwel Paz on their DZMM radio program Mismo, Claudine said it was a relative who hurt Santino during his son went to visit the Santiago family. Raymart Santiago, the father of Santino was in Cebu when the incident happen.


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Claudine added that Santino was accused of throwing knives and was having a trantrum which Claudine said was impossible. Claudine said the person who hurt her son was around 26-28 years old.

Yang Red sa Arm ng Anak ko saan nanggaling yan kung pinagsabihan nyo lang????

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Claudine said she is ready to sue the mother and her son in hurting Santino.

On her Instagram account, Claudine also provided some clues as to who and what happen that led to the sad incident.