Bimby welcomes Yaya Gerbel and her baby


Kris Aquino’s youngest son Bimby welcomed his Yaya Gerbel (Gerbel Luntayao-Langha) together with her baby Kylie. Yaya Gerbel is Bimby’s yaya and friend for a very long time until Yaya Gerbel decided to start a family of her own.

On her Instagram account, Kris shared some photos of Yaya Gerbel and Bimby with the following message.


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“A year & a half ago, @gemaligane got married & started her family. Today, she & baby Kylie came over to visit her original alaga- seeing the pictures they sent me, my heart overflows w/ gratitude because I managed to raise a really loving, polite, caring, appreciative, and generous bunso. And a lot of what Bimb is today was because yaya Gerbel helped me nurture him w/ consistent love. ❤”

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)