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Yaya Gerbel fulfills promise to Bimby

Letting go of someone you have been with for the most part of your life is not an easy thing to do. Bimby got emotional during the wedding of his Yaya Gerbel. And Yaya Gerbel must have felt the same as well.

On her Instagram account, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino said Yaya Gerbel made good her promise to be with Bimby since her husband Jezreel will be returning to Scotland:

“Look who’s back? Gerbel kept her word to Bimb that she’d come back this Sunday since this coming week her husband Jezreel will be busy fixing his papers to go back to Scotland. And how blessed, Gerbel’s youngest brother Gerson will also become a seaman in Scotland. Ang BAIT ni Gerbel & Bincai nag share sila for the cost of their brother’s visa & placement expenses. And the HAPPINESS of Bimb is priceless!

Thank you to all of you for caring so much about our extended family. Good night. Full day of #KrisTv for me tomorrow.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @withlovekrisaquino)

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