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Yaya Gerbel’s reaction to Bimby’s crying on her wedding

Bimby and the rest of the Aquino family turned emotional during the wedding ceremony of their Yaya Gerbel and Jezreel Langha held at at Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay.

Kris Aquino missed the premiere night of her movie “Etiquette for Mistresses” to attend the wedding. Bimby cried for almost two hours upon seeing his Yaya Gerbel getting married.


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Bimby cries at his Yaya Gerbel’s wedding

Kris and Bimby shoulders Yaya Gerbel’s wedding expenses


Kris is so proud of her two sons as Bimby sponsored the reception and Kuya Josh took care of the gown and suit with their own earnings.

Yaya Gerbel said she totally understand why Bimby got so emotional because most of the time they were together and she also misses Bimby a lot.

Here is the video:

(Photo source: ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube screengrab)

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