Mariel de Leon gets bashed over her “comment” on Bb. Pilipinas Candidate Catriona Gray

The beauty queen turned actress took to her Twitter account to address the issue and tweeted “If you’re not open to constructive criticism, then you’re not open to truly growing as a person. And yes, there is a difference between constructive criticism (to help someone grow) and bashing.”

Candidate Catriona Gray also responded on the said issue on her Facebook account saying, “Hey beautiful people! I know alot of you watched #RoadToTheCrown last night shot in the very beautiful Las Casas, Bataan 😍. My sisters and I had so much fun!!! However, I’ve also noticed that alot of you have taken a comment given to me during the show in a negative way.”

She continued, “Firstly, any advice from our queens is valuable to us Binibinis and I took all of those given to me, in a very constructive way! 👑✨ I always have something to learn and improve on, that’s why one of my greatest passions is education!!
Secondly, everyone is entitled to their opinion and although at times you may not favour it, it doesn’t give a good reason to turn around and try to hurt others through bullying or bashing.
Be passionate, but be mindful. Let’s cultivate an environment, not just in beauty pageants but in society in general, where we argue like we’re right but listen like we’re wrong. Debate is healthy, bashing is not.
Let’s spread love!
Mahal ko kayo!! 🤗
Love, Catriona your Binibini 20 😻”