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Kris Aquino to James Yap: “Stop using Bimby for publicity”

Actress Kris Aquino posted her reply on Facebook in relation to the allegations made by basketball superstar James Yap that he has not seen his son Bimby (with Kris Aquino) for almost 8 months now.

On her Facebook account, Kris posted the following as her reply to James:


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“There comes a point when being QUIET just doesn’t cut it anymore. I tried my best to be PROPER, to maintain dignified silence for the sake of PEACE- but when the other party is again playing the sympathy card, the mother in me just has to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

James Yap- stop using Bimb for publicity, most especially when you are opening a BAR! That is the wrong venue to be discussing your relationship (or in this case lack of one) with your son. The proper thing to do would have been to answer, “THIS ISN’T THE CORRECT VENUE TO DISCUSS MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD RESPECT OUR PRIVACY.”
I have had so many presscons and launches over the years and in the past few months- but it seems there is so much more going on in my life that the subject of James Yap has rarely come up; and for the sake of Bimb’s well-being I made the conscious effort to put the past behind.

The simple truth is this and I am addressing this directly to the man who doesn’t want to give our 10 year old son PEACE:

YOU HAVEN’T EXERTED EFFORT TO GET TO KNOW HIM, SPEND TIME WITH HIM, MUCH LESS CONSISTENTLY CONTRIBUTE FINANCIALLY TO HIS NEEDS (the last time you “shared” for tuition was when Bimb was in 2nd grade- 3 full years ago, I have let that be since God has more than adequately been generous with us and I believe that a father’s financial responsibility should naturally come from his heart.) I maintained communication lines with Mic because she tried to get to know both Bimb and Kuya Josh, and had simple, yet genuinely thoughtful gestures for them. Can you honestly say that you tried to become closer to Bimb?”


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