Kris Aquino slams Ricky Lo’s article about her son Bimby


“Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino stood her ground after entertainment columnist, Ricky Lo posted an article concerning Aquino’s son Bimby.

Aquino shared on her Instagram a long post defending her son against Lo, who wrote an article about Bimby not being present during the birthday party of his half-brother Michael James (MJ), despite allegedly confirming his attendance.


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She wrote that Lo’s accusation was false and that she already told Michela ahead of time that her son prefers to meet his brother privately. She even posted a screenshot of their conversation.

Kris wrote on her caption the following:

“@therealrickylo Marami na kong pinalampas na mga binalita mo about me because I figured for as long as ‘di ko na lang patulan- ‘di na hahaba pa ang issue. I also reminded myself about all the times you showed me compassion… Pero pag mga bata na ang nasa HEADLINE, like any parent- I am PROTESTING: FOUL & UNCALLED FOR.”

She continued, “Here are some valid points any parent, whether celebrity or private citizen can identify with especially when navigating the difficult road of moving forward, being positive and trying our best to be mature for a healthy environment for our children.”