KC Concepcion tells netizen not to worry about her exercise routine

Singer and actress KC Concepcion who recently started her journey to fitness, showed off her strength when she posted a video of her workout routine.

On the video she shared on Instagram, KC was seen doing a hip-thrust exercise while lifting a heavy dumbbell. A netizen who saw the clip, then expressed her concern for the actress, suggesting her to start with a lighter pair of weights.


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The netizen stated, “Thts not the proper way to do it.. since you’re a beginner, try to use light weight.. enough to lift up your waist.. don’t just copy any videos you see.. I should give u a props for trying tho!”

KC then replied, “@__.gianne.__ Hiiii. Thanks for your concern but… Don’t worry, I have a personal licensed trainer who has been working with me for a while now. These weights match my strength atm. I workout 6x a week and would NOT have done this in my first 2 weeks of working out 😂✌🏼”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)