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James Yap refutes statement made by Kris over Bimby’s communion

Basketball superstar James Yap broked his silence with regards to the statement made by actress Kris Aquino regarding their son’s first communion.

Kris posted on her Instagram account that their son Bimby will have his first communion on Thursday (November 26, 2015) and they invited James to attend by texting him twice a month ago. Unfortunately according to Kris, they got no reply from James.


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Fans and followers of the celebrity couple gave their respective reactions saying James as a father should give time for his son Bimby, while others said they find it hard to believe James would ignore his son and an important event.

On his Instagram account, a fan asked James as to why he never bothered to reply back to Kris invitation to think that it is for his son Bimby.

This is what James said:


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