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James Yap ignores invitation to attend Bimby’s first communion

James Carlos “Bimby” Aquino Yap, Jr, son of Kris Aquino and James Yap will have his first communion on Thursday (November 26, 2015). The question to many is will James Yap attend his son’s first communion? And was he invited on the first place?

On her Instagram account, Kris revealed that they extended the invitation to James twice but did not receive any response. Kris posted a photo of Bimby’s rehearsal with the following caption:

“Tuesday was the rehearsal & 1st Confession, Bimb’s actual 1st Communion is on Thursday, November 26. (I prayed a lot today, weighing sharing the whole truth vs. keeping quiet but fearing that Bimb & I will again be put in a bad light. I’m choosing to share just the simple facts but not posting screen grabs of texts that could come across as pinamukha ko pa ang pagsisinungaling…

While we were in Hawaii, to be precise 2X on Oct 31, 12 hours apart I sent a text informing Bimb’s father about his 1st Holy Communion & extending an invitation. I had gone to Church 2X while on vacation & felt that I should give him the opportunity to be part of this special occasion, primarily because of the 4th Commandment: To honor thy father & mother.

I got no reply until Tuesday, Nov 24- and only because on Sunday in an IG comment saying it would be good for Bimb’s father to be present I answered w/ the truth that our invitation was ignored.)


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