WATCH: Family time with Helen Gamboa and KC Concepcion

Singer-actress KC Concepcion spent some time with her ‘Mimi’ Helen Gamboa, who is one of her closest relatives.

On her Instagram account, KC Concepcion shared a video where she and Helen expressed their love to one another. KC also included the following caption:

“πŸ’– Mimi @bangshang7 was my inspiration growing up for the way she keeps her home & entertains guests!!! Also she has the best beauty products & taste. πŸ˜‹ Thank goodness for my aunts @purpleluxe @dior.snow @pinaypole who taught me to dress up, fix myself & be a lady! πŸ˜‚ I was always the boyish kind I guess! πŸ’• #LadyK #GrandmaHelen #KCLovesFamily”


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(Photo Source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion)