Sue Ramirez warns basher who has been harassing her online: “If you do not stop.. I will take action”

Kapamilya actress Sue Ramirez called out a netizen who has been bashing and harassing her on social media with hateful comments.

In her Twitter account, Sue finally called out the netizen after some time of ignoring her insulting comments and warned her that she would take action if the bashing continues.


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Sue posted screenshots of the netizen’s insulting comments towards her and her response to the basher alongside the caption: “this account has been continuously bashing and harassing me on instagram. to everyone who has the nerve to bash people online, always take note that there are laws against cyber bullying. do not wait for us to fight back. this is how i responded, she deleted all her comments.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @sueannadoodles/ Twitter – @sueanna_dodd)