Sarah Lahbati shuts down body shaming bashers who criticize pregnant women

Kapamilya actress Sarah Lahbati had enough of body shaming netizens who criticize the outer appearance of pregnant women, as she slammed their accusations in a post on Instagram.

In a photo shared by the actress on Instagram story, the actress spoke up about the negative comments she received from bashers who criticized her for getting bigger. On her post, Sarah then shut down the haters and even defended pregnant women from body shaming.


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She wrote, “I’m six months pregnant and getting body shamed. ‘Ang taba mo.’, ‘ang laki mo.’ ‘loshang’ etc. DID YOU FORGET I AM CARRYING A CHILD. I am growing a baby inside of me and you are shaming me. This doesn’t just happen to me. What happened to women supporting each other? Praising each others as mothers? Why can’t we accept that out bodies are made to change during pregnancy be cause THERE IS A GROWING BABY INSIDE.”

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