Ricky Lo tells Michela Cazzola not to invite him anymore of her future events


Entertainment columnist Ricky Lo told Michela Cazzola not to invite him anymore in any of their events, this after Michela sent a number of text messages to the celebrated columinist in relation to his article.

Ricky attended the first birthday party of Michael James (MJ), son of James Yap and Michela Cazzola. Ricky then wrote an article saying Bimby did not attend the party after being told by the event coordinator that Bimby will attend.

Actress Kris Aquino then reacted to the said article and showed a screenshot of Michela’s text message saying that Bimby prefers to visit MJ privately.

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In his Funfare article, Ricky shared one text message of Michela to him:

“I told the (coordinator) to cross out Bimby’s name from the list because Kris and I have already agreed beforehand that the kids would be meeting in private, I don’t want to create issues where everybody is OK already.”

Ricky then said he reminded Michela not to invite him anymore in future events:

“Henceforth, I reminded Mic to refrain from sending me any invitation to any of her and James’ affairs, thank you.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @michelacazzola)