Regine Velasquez shields Leila Alcasid from basher

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez shielded stepdaughter Leila Alcasid from a basher who hurled a series of tweets against the young Leila. Regine is in full support of Leila’s dream of joining the entertainment industry.

Regine makes it a point to be with Leila in her showbiz journey and this one basher calls Regine a ‘personal assistant’ (PA) of Leila to the extent of saying that Leila is simply using Regine and her popularity. And if the time comes that Leila becomes popular, she will simply leave Regine behind.


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On her Twitter account, Regine calmly reacts to the tweets:

– “Bat ganon wala naman kaming ginagawa sa inyo”

Husband Ogie Alcasid also tweeted to support his wife Regine:

– “@reginevalcasid baba I love you. Everything always turns out right by God’s grace”

Regine apologized to Leila for the unkind words from this one basher and Leila replied: