Pia’s manager Jonas Gaffud accepts Kathelyn Dupaya’s apology


The misunderstanding between Brunei-based businesswoman Kathelyn Dupaya and former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is over after Kathelyn issued an apology for the statement she posted on Instagram against Pia and her party during their Brunei visit.

On his Facebook page, Pia’s manager Jonas Antonio Gaffud issued the following statement in light of Kathelyn’s apology.


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Mercator’s official statement regarding the issue in Brunei with Pia.

“I thank Kathy for clarifying the issues she raised against Pia, and for apologizing for what she has done. Clearly, what happened was misunderstanding as she never heard Pia talk bad about anything. Pia is thankful for the hospitality that Kathy provided during her private vacation in Brunei.

As her manager, I was prepared to answer Kathy’s claims, but she reached out to clarify her issues. Communication is really important to settle conflicts and prevent misunderstanding.

We learn from mistakes, however, and I hope what happened will serve as a lesson for artists, talents, managers and producers to formalize arrangements in order to avoid confusion and any problem.

Meanwhile, Pia is focused on her career, and watch out for her next endorsement later today, even as she continues to promote her advocacies on anti-bullying, HIV/AIDS awareness and helping an organization send kids to school. In the next days, she will start to play a big role in these efforts.

Good day! Good vibes!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kathelyn_dupaya / Facebook – @Jonas Antonio Gaffud)