Pia Wurtzback tells girls to stop sending message to BF Marlon Stockinger

Former Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach has a way to protect what rightfully belongs to her – like her boyfriend Marlon Stockinger. It seems there are some ladies who still send Marlon messenges despite knowing that the F1 car racer is already taken, by no less than a Miss Universe crown holder.

Marlon recently posted a photo of a magazine cover he did. On the comment section, Pia posted the following message:


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“That’s mine on the left. Yo girls better know. So stop messaging my boyfriend. I know who you girls are. And I feel so sorry for girls who let this one go. But oh well hes mine now.”

Fans and follower of both Pia and Marlon supported Pia’s message which made Pia post a message full of ‘smileys’

(Photo source: Instagram – @marlonstockinger)