PBB: Tanner Mata feels sad over Yassi Pressman’s decision to pass her 4th lucky star spot


Pinoy Big Brother housemate Tanner Mata felt sad after actress Yassi Pressman decided to relinguish her 4th lucky star spot to Elisse Joson due to prior commitments. Yassi and Elisse were brought back in by Big Brother to fight for the 4th spot.

Yassi won the challenge by just 23 seconds.

Big Brother gave Yassi the chance to enter the house to be with the rest of the housemates and personally inform the housemates about her decision to discontinue her journey. The news made Tanner sad who is vocal about his fondness of Yassi.

(Photo source: Screen grab – http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com/tv/shows/pbbseason7/videos)