On Wedding: Anne Curtis Not Ready, Toni Gonzaga Not In A Hurry

With wedding bells, proposals or engagement announcements buzzing around the showbiz industry right now, a lot of Filipina celebrities whose been in a long relationship with their respective partners are often questioned about settling down.

While Kapamilya star like Christine Reyes thinks she is in the right age, her co-network artist Anne Curtis and Toni Gonzaga is either not ready or not in a hurry.

According to Anne Curtis, she can see herself getting married after three or four more years, and she also thinks that her boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff whose younger than her, might be ready that time. And for now, she still needs to concentrate on her career.

But like any couple, Anne revealed that there comes a time that she and Erwan have talked about marriage but not with the actual date yet.

Anne and Erwan both sides of the family adores their relationship and wants them for each other, so the possibility of them getting married in the near future is pretty clear.

While Anne Curtis is not ready, her co-Kapamilya TV host and actress Toni Gonzaga in the other hand is not in a hurry.

Jokingly she even told that until she is not reaching menopause, she can wait for that special day.

Toni Gonzaga is in a six years relationship with her boyfriend director Paul Soriano.

(Photo Source: Anne Curtis/Toni Gonzaga’s Official Instagram Account)