Netizens gush over Lucy Torres’ novel-like Instagram captions

Actress and politician Lucy Torres-Gomez did not only capture the heart of her husband Richard Gomez and her daughter Juliana but also her followers who could not help but swoon over her heartfelt Instagram captions.

In her recent post, Lucy shared a candid photo of her husband and daughter taken in a steak restaurant during their out of the country trip.


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However, what seemed like a normal family lunch turned into something beautiful because of Lucy’s touching caption.

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We did not make a reservation, we just showed up early, and were quickly led to a table that looked out the busy street. In less than 5 minutes a lunch crowd had filled up the space. The servers, in chic little black dresses and white aprons, took down orders fast. No menu was shown, we were simply asked how we each wanted our steak done, and what we wanted to drink. The steak came, in big hearty strips, covered in some sauce that was almost (but not quite) creamy. Classic and delicious. And then there were the fries, a heaping mound of it over the meat —- thin and long, golden, perfectly crisp. (In my heart, and being very Filipino, a part of me was secretly craving for rice). And just when I thought it was over, the server came with yet another round of steak. I love that they thoughtfully serve the meal in two parts, like acts in a play, such that the joy just continues to build up. Being me, I have no photo of the food. But I captured this tender moment between these two, as I sat right across the table from them. I look at this photograph and I remember that beautiful meal, that beautiful day.♥️ #lerelaisdelentrecote

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