Nadine Lustre reminds audience about the ‘No Taking of Photos and Videos’ rule


Actress Nadine Lustre reminded netizen to respect the people behind every project. In an Instagram post, user (@jadinedetroit) posted a message indicating that during the taping of ABS-CBN weekend game show “Family Feud”, audience were given a “No Videos No Posting” instruction.

Sad to say, the audience ignored the said instruction and proceeded to take photos and videos and posted them online.


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On the comment section, Nadine reminded netizens about respecting one’s work:

– Do we have to keep telling everyone to “Please delete” or “Please do not repost”?

– I dont understand why its so difficult for other people to understand this.

– The same goes with “Spoilers”.

– Lets all respect everyone who worked behind every proj that we worked on.

(Photo source: Instagram – @familyfeudph / @jadinedetroit)