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Metro Magazine editor Eldzs Mejia apologizes to Janella Salvador for his tweets

Metro Magazine creative editor Eldzs Mejia apologized to Janella Salvador for his tweets (which he already deleted). Eldz expressed his disappointment with the actress during the shoot of the magazine cover. Eldzs used the hashtag #NeverAgain.

Eldz deleted all his tweets pertaining to the incident and has apologize for his actions.


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– I apologize for all my tweets and posts last night. I got carried away and got very emotional. 🙏🏼

– We are in contact with Jae, her team and the mgmt the whole time yestdy We are actually all okay. Thats why we decided to delete d covers❤️

– Lets all start fresh with peace of mind! GOOD MORNING 💋❤️ Have a Happy Thursday ahead ☀️

– Thank you to everyone who understands the situation. Again,I apologize for my personal acts. This in any way does not reflect the company.❤️

– Definitely sent her an apology message! ❤️ dont worry we’re scheduling a meetup with her. So everything is clean and not jus thru texts.🙏🏼

(Photo source: Instagram – @metromagph / Twitter – @eldzsmejia)

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