Luis Alandy shares before and after body transformation photo

Actor Luis Alandy might be complaining over an injury on his left knee but it did not stop him to work out and achieve his body goal.

In his recent Instagram post, Luis shared a before and after photo of his body transformation taken more than a month apart as he showed off his more toned and slimmer figure.


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He wrote: “It is @360fitclub ‘s 8th year Anniversary and I just want to share how this gym and my coach @josegemora helped me be in shape with all my knee injuries. Left photo is more than a month ago, when I wasn’t able to workout due to work and a nagging left knee injury. Right photo is just this afternoon taken before we had our PT session. I am still in progress but I’m happy w/ some small improvements and a good news coming from my coach that I can finally do running cardio and play basketball again. Happy 8th year @360fitclub. Thank you for making me fit again. #360fitness #get360fit #mukhangbuhoklangnagbago #thereturnofthecomeback #BatmanBodyGoals😂”

Luis Alandy recently starred in Mike De Leon’s film ‘Citizen Jake’ with Atom Araullo.

(Photo source: Instagram – @adrian_alandy)