Lovi Poe admits being a fan of KC Concepcion: “I remember copying one of her famous haircuts…”

Lovi Poe is not the kind of an actress who gained fame ever since she was a little girl despite being the daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr. as she started entering showbiz back in 2006 when she was already a teenager.

So just like any other young girls, Lovi also had fangirling moments with celebrities including her ‘kinakapatid’ KC Concepcion.


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In an Instagram post, Lovi admitted being a fan of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby /Concepcion’s daughter to the point where she even copied her hairstyle when she was still in grade school.

Lovi wrote: “I remember copying one of her famous haircuts when I was in the 6th grade… I was obviously a fan… and now even a bigger one because of her genuine heart.♥️ @itskcconcepcion”

Lovi and KC are currently in Germany together to attend a luxury watch company’s event.

(Photo source: Instagram – @itskcconcepcion/ @lovipoe)