LOOK: Celebrity babies Olivia and Pancho treat netizens with cuteness overload

Saab Magalona’s adorable baby boy Pancho and Andi Manzano’s charming daughter Olivia filled Instagram with cuteness as the two celebrity babies with their mommies had a “play date” together.

Saab shared photos of her and Andi together with their kids who had a fun bonding time together while the two of them worked.


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Olivia could not even help but get “gigil” to Pancho and squeezed her mum with a tight hug instead.

Saab wrote: “An impromptu “play date” while the moms work 😄 Olivia got gigil with Pancho (guess she’s excited for her baby sister!!) so she squeezed her mommy so tight😂

Saab gave birth to Pancho February this year while Andi is expecting her second baby girl.

(Photo source: Instagram – @saabmagalona)