Kris Aquino says she does not receive any financial support from James Yap

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino shared a video clip of her son Josh on her Instagram account last Saturday (July 25, 2015). A follower under the username ‘@krmbm5’ asked why did she never mentioned her former husband Phillip Salvador on any of her posts. With this, another follower “‘@jovelynpf said that while Philip does not provide any financial support for Josh, at least, James Yap supports his son Bimby financially.

“Of course out in your life pati si Josh kasi walang suporta si philip Salvador ma financial or emotional buti pa si james yap @withlovekrisaquino”


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In relation to the said statement, the Queen of All Media replied and clarified that they don’t receive any financial support from Bimby’s father, James Yap.

“‘@jovelynpf sorry to disillusion you, but we also don’t receive financial support from Bimb’s dad.”

Kris also answered the question on why she never mentioned Philip on any of her posts. She said that the former husband has no “active role” on Josh’s life so there is no need to mention “someone who is not part” of their lives.

“@krmbm5 @mexprg @mhballado722 to clarify, we don’t communicate & he has no active role in Kuya Josh’s life. Together w/ my siblings, and w/ much gratitude to my Mom, we all took on the responsibility of raising Kuya, and I have always been open about his having special needs. I have been solely financially responsible for Kuya’s upbringing for most of his life, let me EMPHASIZE I’m not calling anybody out. God truly blessed me w/ the financial capacity to care for my panganay. This is my account, and this chronicles my life, and my family. Why will I mention someone who isn’t part of our lives?”

She also added, “Parenting requires effort. And it’s a choice on how involved you’ll choose to be. That being said, I have been extremely blessed to have siblings, Josh’s pretty ninang @boss1020, when they were alive Lola Cory & Lola P, his Lolo Esting & all my dear friends who surround him w/ LOVE, UNDERSTANDING & UNWAVERING PRESENCE & SUPPORT. I hope that puts this issue to rest. We are peaceful & that’s what is important. SINAGOT KO KAYO because I recognize it is because of your patronage of my shows, movies, website, and endorsements that I’m able to provide a comfortable life for my sons, so in a way you are stakeholders in our lives.”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @withlovekrisaquino)