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Kris Aquino defends Lolit Solis from bashers

Actress and host Kris Aquino defended talent manager and columnist Lolit Solis from bashers who said the later has no right to be with civilized and educated people. Lolit posted on Instagram what transpired during the Yasmine and Alfred Vargas wedding and also mention the people who attended the said event.

Kris posted the following on the comment section of Lolit’s IG account:


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“On behalf of whoever said that- i assure you that didn’t come from someone close to me. @akosilolitsolis you know that i have been a good sport- you’ve said many hurtful things against me BUT i always reminded myself that when there was nobody there when i was pregnant w/ kuya josh, you were… so i hope if that person truly is my fan PLEASE STOP the negativity.”

and another post:

“@akosilolitsolis i have been the victim of the worst bashing BUT the truth is God has blessed us w/ good lives & we are survivors… i hope whoever gets to read this realizes that there is probably a “faction” that doesn’t want us to become friendly. I have always been respectful of you & never once retaliated when you were in the mood to be mean to me. So sa mga gusto gumawa ng gulo this girl is too smart to not figure out what you are up to… and she is also championing POSITIVITY & HARMONY. ❤️❤️❤️”

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino / @akosilolitsolis)

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