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Jasmine wishes for Anne and Sam to be in good terms

Relationship between two sisters creates a special bond. It’s like having a better half, having someone whom you could share all of your secrets with and having someone to open up about your dreams, your struggles and even stories about boys, crushes and love life.

Just like Anne Curtis and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, it is a public knowledge that they are very close and sometimes you can’t help but get jealous of their sisterly love.

That’s why with all the speculations going on that Anne Curtis is not in good terms with Jasmine’s boyfriend, singer and actor Sam Concepcion, Jasmine wishes that her sister and her boyfriend could be good friends and patch things up.

“I want them to be in good terms” Jasmine said in an interview with ‘Aquino and Abunda Tonight’.

“The thing is, about family, you need their opinion, where they stand, you need to understand them, because once you are in a relationship it shouldn’t be ‘us against the world” Jasmine added.

During an interview last August of 2014, Anne said that she does not have a close relationship with Sam.

But Jasmine thinks that Sam is trying his best in order to reach out to her sister and even to her mother.




(Photo Source: Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s Official Instagram Account)

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