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Janine Gutierrez shows resemblance with her Lola Pilita Corrales

Kapuso actress Janine Gutierrez shared a throwback photo of her veteran and award-winning singer, Pilita Corrales.

The young actress shared on her Instagram story a photo of a younger Corrales during her golden years in the industry. The old photo of the singer showed how similar the two celebrities looked alike. The two have similar features such as same eyes and nose structure.


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Alongside the photo was a screen shot post, that showed the story of how the veteran singer was able to reach success in her career.

Janine said that the story of Corrales was her favorite story, as it told her life as part of a travelling circus.

Here is the full post from Janine Gutierrez:

(Photo Source: Instagram – @janinegutierrez / Facebook – @celebritydesk)

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