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Is Alex Gonzaga the reason behind the axing of “Game Ng Bayan”?

Television game show “Game ng Bayan” aired its last episode last Friday April 15, 2016 after only six weeks of airing. Some find this too short a period for a game show and they are blaming program co-host Alex Gonzaga as the reason behind the axing of the show.

There are those who said Alex is a ‘jinx’ to any show that she is involved in while some said the ‘jinx’ statement is unfair to Alex.

During the radio program ‘OMJ’ of Ogie Diaz and MJ Felipe, MJ offered a possible reason for the program’s shortlived existence – high production cost. MJ said that it is highly possible that the high production cost is the reason why ‘Game Ng Bayan’ was taken off the air since the set is always outdoor.

Photo source: Instagram – @cathygonzaga / @marieltpadilla)

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