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INSTA PIC: Kris Aquino and her shoes

Bea Ledesma shared photos of Kris Aquino’s shoes and a conversation she had with the Queen of All Media. On her Instagram account, Bea posted the following:

@krisaquino: “Diba Gucci’s going to stop making the loafers with the fur? So I bought them all.”
Me: “The fur? Aren’t you worried they’ll get dirty?”
Kris: “It’s not like I walk on the street.”
Me: “Right.”


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Kris then responded by posting the following:

“@bealedesma you do realize i’m just super FOND of you because not even my stylists have posted pics of my shoes? And we had a long negotiation for a home feature & my 1 request that would remain private would be my shoe collection… i really hope i totally didn’t sound super bratty. I am just obsessed w/ the Gucci Princetown & we already have our 5 month friendship based on the correct pronunciation of @netaporter ❤️ (you were looking great earlier by the way- i could never be effortlessly cool like you 😎)”

(Photo source: Instagram – @bealedesma)

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