GirlTrends member Chie Filomeno survives race car accident: “My car flipped 4x”

‘GirlTrends’ member Chie Filomeno shared a horrifying accident she got involved into while she was on the race track.

In her Instagram post, Chie narrated how she survived the said car accident where her vehicle flipped four times while she was on track and how she was in the air for 10 seconds.


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She wrote: “All smiles even after my car accident on the race track, my car flipped 4x (I think) was in the air for good 10 seconds hehe! I’m just really grateful for the people around me the moment that happened, thank you so much for being there for me and for letting me do a few laps to shake off what happened. Came out stronger than ever because of you guys! ♥️ I thank God for keeping me safe and everyone around me!”