Erich Gonzales on Daniel Matsunaga: “Hindi po kami magkaibigan”

Actress Erich Gonzales finally admitted that her relationship with actor Daniel Matsunaga is over. Fans and followers of the couple more popularly known as “DanRich” were surprise when the news broke out that they have ended their relationship.

The rumor started when Erich deleted all their photos on her Instagram account. Daniel for his part admitted that the relationship is going through some rough times but maintained that they are still together, talking and trying to fix things.



Erich Gonzales confirms breakup with Daniel Matsunaga

Erich Gonzales deletes Daniel Matsunaga’s photos on her Instagram account

Did Erich Gonzales unfollow Daniel Matsunaga and family on Instagram?


In an interview with ABS-CBN Thursday, February 9, 2017, Erich denied allegations that she is still talking to Daniel to the extent of saying that they are no longer friends.


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