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Drew Arellano shares how baby Primo only brushes his teeth when there’s a camera

Iya Villania and Drew Arellano will soon have another addition to their family but it seems like their first child baby Primo is still stealing the celebrity baby spotlight.

In Drew’s Instagram account, he shared cute photos of Primo while he was brushing his teeth but revealed how he only does such when there’s a camera.


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Drew wrote: “Anak, how come when there’s a camera you brush your teeth, if there’s none we need to move heaven and earth just to get near you with a toothbrush?🙈”

Even netizens could not resist Primo’s charm as they flooded the post with sweet comments.

Iya is set to give birth to her second baby with Drew whom they will name Leon.

(Photo source: Instagram – @drewarellano)

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