Donnalyn Bartolome speaks up about controversial film ‘Jacquelyn Comes Home’

Internet sensation turned actress Donnalyn Bartolome has finally aired her sentiments over her controversial film ‘Jacqueline Comes Home’ which tackles about the case of the Chiong sisters Jacqueline and Marijoy.

Donnalyn, who portrays the character of Marijoy, responded to criticisms in a lengthy post she shared on her Instagram account.


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She wrote: “4 days, actually.
I trust what our director said during our presscon: The movie is not biased. I may not say it for sure now cause there were things added to our script but honestly, the original script did not incriminate anyone. It was about The Chiongs and the theory of what happened. The perpetrators in the film and the accused in real life are not matching names or even the number of how many “did it” for the reason that our director @dpeachc understand that the accused could have been given a more fair trial as we all also do. 😢 We all believe there could have been more or less perpetrators but that doesn’t mean the Chiongs didn’t go through the suffering that they did. This is the story of the Chiongs no one has seen. It’s their story behind the cameras and the media. People are saying the movie is biased and to not watch it.. but won’t you be the biased one if you don’t?”

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