Cristine Reyes wants to talk to Vivian Velez

Aside from defending her younger sister through an Instagram comment, actress Ara Mina revealed that her sister, “Tubig at Langis” main cast Cristine Reyes intends to talk to veteran actress Vivian Velez following the alleged disrespectful acts she displayed on the set.

Through a Viber message Ara sent to Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) on Tuesday (March 8, 2016), the actress explained her sister’s side on the issue while still keeping some details private; which will be revealed by Cristine herself once she decides to release an official statement.


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“I heard what happened between Ms. Vivian Velez and my sister Cristine. I’m disheartened that the issue has been blown out of proportion. Alam namin that people have already judged and speculated bago pa nila bigyan si Cristine ng pagkakataon na magpaliwanag. Hence, I decided to release this statement instead. I had a talk with my sister and she aired her side of the story. As much as I want to elaborate, I’d rather not to. And I’m not in the position since I was not physically present in the incident and not to put more fuel to the fire. Maybe she’ll give her statement when she’s ready,”

According to Ara, the issue sparked from a simple misunderstanding when Cristine initially thought it was Vivian who did not want to talk to her.