Cristine Reyes talks about her pregnancy and plans for marriage

(UPDATE) The actress has spoken last November 16, 2014 at the noontime variety show ‘ASAP’; she confirmed the rumor going around the industry that she is pregnant.

“I want to share [to everyone] that I have a wonderful blessing. I’m having a baby” uttered the actress with a bright smile on her face.

And with a recent interview with ‘The Buzz’, Cristine said that she is happy that despite keeping her pregnancy a secret for a while, people who supports and surrounds her accepted the news in such optimism.

Cristine explained that she was just waiting for the right time and making sure that she and her baby are safe before revealing about her situation.

“I am now a hundred percent sure that me and my baby are safe, because my first three months, I was in a critical stage. The doctor said I should take proper pre-cautions by having complete bed rest and taking care of myself” uttered Cristine.

The pregnancy according to Cristine is planned.

“It was planned and it’s not a surprise actually” Cristine said.

She also shared that right now, she and her boyfriend is undergoing marriage counselling.

And just like what Cristine posted on her Facebook page, we are happy that slowly another journey begins for the actress, the journey to motherhood and to building a family.


Is Cristine Reyes pregnant?

Actress Cristine Reyes have not answered or denied the rumor whether she is pregnant or not.

It was said that during the premiere night of her movie ‘The Gifted’, Cristine reportedly walks out after being asked by the media regarding her supposed pregnancy.

In her official Instagram account, actress and sister Ara Mina posted a photo that seems to show a baby bump on Cristine‘s tummy.

Later on, the photo was deleted.

If Cristine is indeed pregnant, she sure rocks the ‘Prego’ look, because she is looking fresh and beautiful.

Meanwhile, her sister, Ara Mina will be giving birth soon.



(Photo Source: Cristine Reyes’ Official Instagram Account)