Clint Bondad breaks silence on why he left ASAP Coverboys

Clint Bondad has made it to the spotlight by himself even before his girlfriend Catriona Gray was crowned as miss universe as he became part of the boy group ASAP Coverboys.

However, the model and actor left the group and decided to be on his own while running his own business.


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In his Instagram post, Clint shared a before and after photo of him during his ASAP Coverboys stint and after he left the group and shared why he made his decision to focus on his business.

He wrote: “Just to put this topic finally to rest!🧟
WHY did I leave ASAP Coverboys?🙇
The left picture is from when I was part of the group a year ago and the picture on the right is only 3 weeks later AFTER leaving them! I looked like a shipwreck survivor 😂
During that time I had 2 business startups, interviewed 50+ potential employees, hired a hand full, fired a hand full, killed a ton of paperwork, worked on getting my fleet of vehicles into tip top condition, had people ‘misplace’ money and car parts and then disappear, got involved in a car crash, some wouldn’t show up for work or I woke them up on location after snoozing, raised funds when time was running out, monitored ALL my jobs in real time, had my cell phone on 24/7, answered calls every few min regardless of time or being asleep, would work 20+ hours a day, traveled up to 10 hours a day, napped in the car or on my desk, endured banks not working and me then having to sprint to the next money transfer to pay people on time, calculated all financial aspects of the businesses or deals or double checked them constantly, trained new employees, did the own company bookings as well because NOBODY will work as hard as yourself..”