Cesca Litton Decided Not To Wed in Balesin

(UPDATE) After the recent wedding mishap behind Heart Evangelista-Chiz Escudero and Cesca Litton- Tyke Kalaw wedding date, Cesca, the former ABS-CBN host have decided not to get married in Balesin, an exclusive island resort in Quezon province.

“Guys, thank you for all the support, comments and suggestions, but I can no longer speak on the issue as it is my future in-laws who are members in Balesin, and they will be handling the situation,” Cesca posted on her official Facebook page.

“But I will say, my wedding will definitely not be held in Balesin, I know God has a beautiful venue for me somewhere out there. God bless you all” she added.

The Cesca Heart Balesin Wedding story

The issue involving actress Heart Evangelista and her fiancee Senator Chiz Escudero allegedly taking over the February 14, 2015 wedding date in Balesin heated up not just on social media sites but also in the entire showbiz industry.

The other bride to be, former ABS-CBN TV host Cesca Litton now shares her side of the story. According to Cesca, she and her fiancee, Tyke Kalaw have been preparing for months for their wedding in Balesin Island Club and got the February 14, 2015 date.

Cesca, who got engaged in April, said they have been making trips to Balesin as early as May. At that time, she said the resort’s management confirmed that February 14, 2015 was available.

Then last August 30, 2014 she received a call informing her that the date was already reserved for another couple.

“It came as a surprise when I received a phone call from my coordinator just last Saturday that Chiz and Heart had been approved for February 14 after they had spoken to the owner, Mr. [Roberto] Ongpin, to reserve the date,” Cesca Litton said.

Mr. Roberto Ongpin is the chairman of Balesin developer Alphaland.

“In all our trips to Balesin and discussion with management asking to reserve February 14, we were always told it was available,” Cesca added.

“We would not have invested time and money, including flying out our coordinator and stylist, had they informed us that the venue was booked from the beginning” Cesca shared.

Mr. Roberto Ongpin also made a statement on Balesin’s official website, according to him, he offered Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista to have their wedding held at the resort after hearing of their engagement, upon getting confirmation from the couple[Heart and Chiz], he checked with the reservations department of Balesin whether the venue would be available on February 14. At that time, Ongpin said nobody had reserved the date.

“So, nobody has been ‘bumped off” Mr. Ongpin said.

Meanwhile, Heart Evangelista already cleared the issue and said in an interview that she and Chiz has nothing to do with the mix up.

“We’re not like that,” Heart said. “This is the best day of our lives. I’m a bride-to-be, she’s a bride-to-be. Who would do that to any bride-to-be? There’s no truth to it and I hope ma-iron out nila” she added.

On her part, Heart tried reaching out to Cesca and both bride to be’s have already spoken to each other.


(Photo Source: Cesca Litton/Heart Evangelista‘s Official Instagram Account)