Bangs Garcia shares body transformation photo 7 months after giving birth

Bangs Garcia is now happily living the married life with her husband Lloydi Birchmore and their charming daughter Amelia.

But just like any other moms, Bangs experienced gained weight due to pregnancy. However, the actress managed to get back in shape just 7 months after giving birth to her daughter.


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In her Instagram post, Bangs shared a photo of her body transformation from her pre-pregnanc to her pregnancy figure until finally getting back to her original shape.

She wrote, sharing how she achieved her post-pregnancy figure: “#PreventWeightGain #GettingBackinShape after #CSection: Start working out at least a few mos. before pregnancy, keep a healthy diet, wear a high-waisted panty about 2-3mos postpartum depending on your healing process.(Consult your doctor first)

When I was young, I used to hear that when a woman bears a child at 30 years & older, she cannot get back her pre-pregnancy body anymore. That’s why my ideal age to get married was about 25 or 26, so I’d have enough time to bear children before I turn 30. But instead, I got married at 29, got pregnant at 30, now, I am 31 with an 8-month old baby; I strongly disagree that a woman can’t get back into shape at this age! It may not be exactly as it used to be, but it is possible. Perhaps, with perseverance you could even be in a better shape than before.”