Apl De Ap gives message of thanks to Alisah Bonaobra’s supporters

Coach Apl De Ap sends his gratitude to all the fans who supported Alisah Bonaobra who he dubbed as the future of OPM. Alisah came in second to top winner Jason Dy of Team Sarah.

Apl De Ap is thankful to all the fans for their love, support, and votes for Alisah.

Alisah came from a very humble beginning selling goods to help her family overcome poverty. Her story became an issue since people were saying that Alisah might get some votes out of sympathy rather than talent.

Apl De Ap defended Alisah by saying it is not sympathy but a reality. Apl De Ap said that a story can inspire, a voice can inspire, and they have to go hand-in-hand.

Congratulations to both Alisah Bonaobra and Coach Apl. In our hearts, both of you are also champions.

(Photo source: Apl De Ap Instagram – apldeap)