Angelica Panganiban takes cooking seriously


Actress Angelica Panganiban has taken her passion for cooking to the next level by enrolling at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management. Angelica who jokingly calls herself “ChefKaAngge” have been posting some of her dishes.

On her Instagram account, Angelica shared a photo showing her at work with the following message:


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Angelica Panganiban shows off her cooking skills

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Angelica Panganiban shows off her culinary skills


“Yung game face ka pa din kahit na, init na init ka na. Umaabot hanggang mukha mo yung init ng kalan. Buhay kusina. Photo by @isabeloliprats #ISCAHM”

Shanghai fried rice 🐷 parang lalagnatin yung braso ko klasmeyts… #ISCAHM

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Here are some of Angelica’s dishes she posted on her IG account: