Angeli P. Valenciano prays for haters

Gabriel “Gab” Valenciano, son of Angeli and Gary Valenciano was heavily criticized by netizens over his post concerning Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to the extent that Gab is reportedly receiving “death threats.”

On her Twitter account, Angeli, mother of Gab shares her sentiments about the whole issue and said that she will just pray for all those haters:


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– “Often times haters are products of broken homes,broken dreams, broken hearts.So I hate 2 disappoint but the best is yet to come for my boys.”

– “Like my good Lord says – “he who has no sin cast the first stone.” Life is a journey.You don’t know their story. So don’t judge. Don’t hate.”

– “I don’t always agree with my children’s opinions or choices but they are adults now.Like a normal family we fight, we love, we cry, we love.”

– “So much hatred in the world today. You see everyone has a painful story to tell. Hurt people hurt people.So I pray for all those haters.”

(Photo source: Twitter – @AngeliPV)