Andrea Brillantes’ “last tweet” is a response to her bashers, proving that she is a strong, independent woman

Andrea Brillantes surely has been in all sorts of controversies in the past and getting through such is enough to make her a strong young woman today.

In her recent and “last tweet”, the Kapamilya star responded to bashers who criticized her outfit in a photo she took with a member of the local band IV of Spades where some noticed how her bra was peeking.


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Andrea posted her statement on Twitter in response to her bashers.

She wrote: “Hi, i don’t use twitter anymore and this will be my last tweet. My friend sent me a photo of tweets about my picture with unique, it was about my ‘bra’.”

“I was supposed to say sorry to everyone who felt uncomfortable about it but no, I realized that I shouldn’t be sorry… I mean why should I? I am a Woman and wearing a bra is normal.. shaming a 15 year old because of it is not normal.”

“Tumakbo at tumalon kasi ako para makapag pa picture kay Unique kaya haggard ako, tao lang.”

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