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#AlDub and their popular “pabebe wave”

It seems nothing can stop the popularity of Yaya Dub, the ever reliable yaya of Lola Nidora. Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora are characters in Eat Bulaga’s “Juan for All, All for Juan” portion.

Fans and viewers of Eat Bulaga cant get enough of the two played by Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) and Wally Bayola (Lola Nidora).

The characters gets more exciting with the entry of Alden Richard, the love interest of yaya Dub. The new twist gave birth to a new loveteam called AlDub (Alden – Dub) and the famous “pabebe wave”.

Here is the video:

(Photo source : Facebook – @Eat Bulaga video screengrab)

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