Adorable Scarlet Snow tells her daddy Hayden: “I’m not a baby anymore!”

Mommy Vicki Belo and daddy Hayden Kho cannot deny that their adorable baby girl Scarlet Snow is growing up faster than they wanted her to as they are still enjoying her ‘daldal’ moments.

In a video uploaded by her dad on Instagram, the sweet little girl was having a casual conversation with him when she started insisting sleeping in the big girl’s crib because she is already a grown-up lady.


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Scarlet said: “When I’m a big girl, I’m not your baby.”

Her dad kept saying that she will forever be his baby even if she grows up but the witty little girl does not seem to agree.

Hayden wrote in the caption: “You can never outgrow my love, my baby. It will just grow and grow as you yourself grow.”

Such sweet daddy you have, Scarlet!

(Photo source: Instagram – @dochayden)